I figured it'd be fun to keep track of the stuff i'm doing, so I figured i'd put it here.
I kicked this work off in december of 2019. I did most of it over christmas break. At that point, I'd written up:
- a few case old studies
- finished up resume, home, about, listening, & most of the opinions section.
april 29: the f.a.q. continues to haunt me. I dream of it at night, wondering when it will be resolved. will it ever?
april 26: made the navbar into a symbol. cool! Also started work on an "experiments" page to goof around on, including starting a F.A.Q. page that will likely be the death of me.
april 24: i'm back babyyyyyyyy. guess who's scared about coronavirus layoffs?

Spent some time implementing a fun scroll indicator, updated my listening section, and did a little code cleanup. ya know, the important stuff potential that employers look at first!
january 3: added a favicon
december 31: started writing up a case study of the Single Work Page redesign work I did at Academia. Tried to figure out how to do make gifs animate on hover using webflow. gave up on it but will revisit.
december 23: worked on getting my old top15 comments into this site. actually bought a month long slack premium upgrade to get at the advanced search. Worth the $62 bucks for posterity.