About Me
I'm a UX Person/Product Designer with a background in Cognitive Neuroscience. I've worked in SaaS, enterprise user research, startup-many-hats, and almost everything in between. So far, my work has focused on healthcare, academia, social networks, and the commercial insurance space. Always up for a new challenge!

Currently, I'm living in Philadelphia, PA. Previously I lived in Berkeley CA, Austin TX, Boston MA, and originally, New York. Go Giants.

I spend lots of my spare time with my wire and our dog, Mac. Other than that, I play some music, I listen to a lot more & I buy more records than I should. Most, of my time, though, goes to being a competitive-ish powerlifter.

12/2022 Update: Most of my time is now spent with the little guy in the above photo.
Get in touch?
For bad takes: twitter @jackkfleming

For dog pictures/lifting videos: instagram @jackkfleming

For other contact: jack.k.fleming@gmail.com