Seasonal Playlists
In a very fuzzy way, I make a playlist for each season, and it contains the stuff I've enjoyed listening to during that season.
I took a brief spotify hiatus to Google Play Music. Then I went back. Now I'm on Tidal! I tried to re-import everything but some might have been lost to time (for now).
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Most importantly, though, here's the All Timers playlist. Stuff I keep on coming back to.
Settling into a new role, new routine, cooking a lot more, learning python, what a fun world.
Baby's first birthday :)
Living in Italy and Germany during our time abroad!
Living in Point Lookout with Anna & the baby during our travels
Coming soon!
We added a little baby boy to the family during this playlist's creation!
No description but this playlist is good
I wish I had kept up my description writing!
No description on this one I guess
One day I'll hunt it down
I'm sure I can find them if I got back on Spotify...
Also missing! Oh no!
I think i'm missing a few descriptions here and here.
Building this one out as we speak. Been a busy summer.
Building this one out as we speak. Been a busy summer.
Building this one out as we speak. Been a busy summer.
As I wrote: "lmao what the fuck is happening in the world, we're all so fucked perpetually. #covidboiz." Work in Progress.
I miss John Prine and David Berman and Levon Helm a whole lot.
A lot of Lucinda Williams, a lot of David Berman, and of course – celebrating the return of Jay-Z to Spotify.
Celebrating the release of the Highwomen, with a lot of country favorites - Isbell, Sturgill, etc...
When I was a lot younger, my best friend's dad – a drummer who played with Dylan, etc... – took us to see a documentary about the birth of the Delta Blues. I must have been thinking about that a lot during this time.
I came back to Spotify around this time. It was a nice change. I really wanted that Year in Review thing.
The first song on this is "Them Changes" by Thundercat. This was my first seasonal playlist living entirely in the Bay Area, and in my description on Spotify, I noted "New Job, new home, nothing really changes much anymore."
I spent most of this time on the road, moving from Austin to Berkeley. I also got engaged during this time, so there's some traces on that in here (Bootsy Collins' "I'd Rather Be With You" as a strong contender for Love Song of the Century).
A fairly rare time when the playlist was mostly just... full albums. A lot of good stuff came out, I guess. Also got real deep into Tobe Nwigwe.
In this charming description, I quoted Drew Magary, saying only that "2018 is going to be The Bad Year." I was mostly right, but happily wrong at times.
Lost to the sands of time.
Growing up, my mom was a big Buena Vista Social Club fan. She and my dad actually saw the last concert with Ibrahim Ferrer – jealousy inducing. I must have been homesick here, because I listened to a lot of them.

Also, this is when I discovered the magic of Floating in Austin. Lots of good summer-river-lazing track on this one. Calvin Harris was born for that.
This is about when I started buying vinyl, but you wouldn't know it frmo this playlist. It's pretty short and pretty straightforward. I guess I was doing most of my listening on wax or whatever I'm supposed to say.
Not a lot to note here. Big takeaways: Tracy Chapman? Still very, very good. Joey Bada$$? Extremely good stuff. Kila? Gotta honor my roots.
Fall 2016
Lost to the sands of time.
I played a lot of Jazz growing up – studied it alongside classical & flamenco guitar, playing both guitar and bass. I float in and out of jazz cycles. Looks like this was an "on" period.
Spring 2016
Lost to the sands of time.
This was a fun time. Getting back into some classical piano, I think arguing over TLOP. Most of all though, I remember going to Nashville on vacation and waking up in the middle of the night to open TIDAL to hear the release of The Life of Pablo at 2 in the morning or whatever.
I had just gotten into powerlifting at this point, and was alternating between getting very HYPE and trying to ~calm~ my nerves.
At the time, I said: "In the middle of the Trek (ed. note: The Trek Across Maine is a charity ride across the width of the state of Maine), in the middle of moving, in sun and rain and more, in looking back to old summers and old summers' songs"
Honestly not a lot discernible in here. I guess I was really into Action Bronson for a minute? I remember seeing him at the House of Blues in Boston, this must have been around then.
There's some albums that just pop up in your mind every few months. It seems like Winter 2014 had a few of them - Rum Sodomy and the Lash, Astral Weeks, Music From Big Pink. Then there's some I'd rather forget - let's just scrap the J.Cole and Big Sean...
Might have been when I got introduced to Fela! What a life changing experience from an old colleague and mentor, who introduced me to AfroPop Worldwide. What a podcast. What a guy. Thanks Paul K!  Truly life altering! 
My dad convinced me when I was much younger that Holland was the best album by the Beach Boys. Apparently we're wrong in that stance, but I firmly stand by it. "Only with You," "Sail on Sailor," "Leaving this Town" - come on, those are classics.
This playlist has a special kind of reminiscing - thinking about being in 5th grade and being very impressed by my best friend's older sister's boyfriend's music taste - Pavement, Andrew W.K. (what a cool album cover! there's blood on it!), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Not sure how common that specific nostalgia is.
One of my dad's proudest photographic accomplishments is a beautiful shot of John McLaughlin playing his doubleneck in Central Park with The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Must have been vibin with that energy here.
There's this killer band that used to play in the union square subway station when I was younger - 9 brothers, I think, all sons of the great Sun-Ra - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is their name. Highly featured here.
420 songs. Nice.

The first song here - "The Fourth Night of My Drinking" - man, I must have played that 100 times in a row when I first heard it. Also, hell yeah, some Red Army Choir. Real passion in that singing! 
kinda sucks ass that these are the songs I was listening to when I graduated college.... wish I had that one back tbh.
Some good zappa tunes in here. Always makes me think of Mark Surya, a guy I know in high school, who turned me onto some really wild shit that I love - BANG! On A Can, Terry Riley, Kwa Kwa Nyang, The Books, etc...
Hell yeah, a big Mingus era in my life. Thank you to Benjy Hirsch! A guy I used to play with in High School at times, whose dad owned the Cornelia Street Cafe, a great jazz club. Wonder if that's still around.
Some very good songs to strut around NYC.