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the only thing more fun than a strongly held belief is the process of making a loosely held one into a conviction.
mostly, though, this page is a collection for me, for posterity. it's fun to think that in [n] years, I'll be able to look back and see where my head was at on this day. being that this is ostensibly a professional portfolio, some of these aren't yet added. i'm adding the full list for transparency of what's to come.
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Top 15s
My friends and I often do "Top 15" countdowns.
It started as a way for a few colleagues to hype ourselves up for the release of "The Life of Pablo" – by counting down our top 15 Kanye West songs over lunch in the 15 days leading up to the release.
Since then, we've kept the tradition alive,  posting our updates & rationale from (now) different companies & different coasts.
A good Top 15 countdown is characterized by spirited debate, relentless mockery, an open heart, and a firm belief that there is no difference between "my favorite" and "the best."

(Notably, the last item is not something I bring to my design practice).
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Other Scribbles
Consider this a work in progress. I'm sure at some point i'll get around to finishing this section out.
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