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How do you re-imagine the core value prop of a B2C  subscription, without alienating existing customers?
MY Role
Research Lead
Design Lead
Launching brand new subscription products for
A/B Testing
End-to-end Product Design
Evaluative Research
SQL & Python Analysis

At, our subscription revenue had historically come from our Author tools - ways for scholars to track the impact of their work. Our team was tasked with uncovering new lines of business, and we turned to the millions of users who weren't authors - Readers.

By running hundreds of experiments - often concurrently - our team was able to build two new products - Bulk Download and Paper Summaries - that we launched and iterated on (and a few we launched and scrapped).
Summer 2019 - Spring 2020
Two products became top-five converting premium products within 90 days. Our suite nearly doubled existing subscription revenue at