Single Work Page Redesign
How do you re-envision the most frequently touched surface on a 100 million user platform?
MY Role
Research Lead
Design Support
Re-imagining the most used page on, with a new emphasis on access and discovery.
A/B Testing
End-to-end Product Design
Evaluative Research
Webflow Prototyping

Every day, millions of the (at the time) 110 million+ users of would visit the "Single Work Page" - the page where you view, read, download, or save a paper. At the conception of the site, the url would be shared via email or another methods.

However, as our team had developed a proven recommendation algorithm, we wanted to look for opportunities to highlight paper --> paper connections on site. We started with the SWP.
Summer 2019 - Spring 2020
The new designs led to a 141% increase in total on-site engagement, and a 30% lift on downloads. Additionally, the new page framework enabled new reader focused tools, leading to additional millions in revenue.