CES Implementation
How do you grow a culture of experience metrics from the ground up?
MY Role
Research Lead
Project Lead
An experiential touch point on every real estate transaction completed.
Qualtrics Implementation
Looker & Python Analysis
Project Management
Executive Presentation

Until 2021, Doma had no user-centered metrics as a part of our company top-line metrics. That year, we went through a series of trainings and company re-orientation to focus on homeowner experience - our new company north star. Underlying that change, I led a project to add qualitative and quantitative experience metrics to every completed transaction, eventually broadening to real estate agents as well.
Summer 2022
CES became a topline company metric, reported on to the board. Within months of launch, we sent at a run rate of 34k emails annually, collecting ~1k responses a month. By EOY, we were sending 55k annually.