Real Estate Agents & Homeowner Experiences
How do you identify, explore, and build for a new – but adjacent – user segment?
MY Role
Research Lead
Design Contributor
The first B2C expansion of Doma's software services, to Real Estate Agents and Homeowners.
Design Sprint
UserTesting Implementation
Qualtrics Implementation
Evaluative Research

Doma had historically worked, in a software capacity, behind the scenes - our Escrow Officers worked with agents in person to secure business, which was managed and processed by our internal teams working on Doma's in-house tools. These new products, aimed at homeowners and REAs, helped expose our unique machine intelligence and value to new audiences.
Summer 2022
We launched our MVP 3 months after myself and another designer led a month-long design sprint. We released into a closed beta 6 months later, at which point we saw home purchase transaction times reduce dramatically.