Persona Development
How do you capture dozens of nuanced user segments - without disrupting product work?
MY Role
Research Lead
Project Lead
A shortcut for every Doma employee to get to know all of our user cohorts - internal and external.
Persona Design & Strategy
Project Management
Executive Presentation
Persona Copywriting

As Doma grew the User Experience team to maturity, we needed a company-wide shorthand to help scale our presence further than our team could resource. However, given the pace of product work, we weren't able to dedicate full cycles to persona development and refinement. Instead, we found opportunities leverage existing research (including heavy utilization of our insights repository), and looked to include persona-informing questions in upcoming research.
Winter - Spring 2022
Protopersonas were shared and approved by the executive team within two months. Following that, personas were incorporated into product planning cycles, being referenced in company-wide All-Hands meetings and by senior leadership as shorthand.